Saturday, October 22, 2016

This Week in Running 10/16 - 10/22

Beautiful day on a long run

DayMileage / WorkoutComments
Sunday8 AM
7 PM
Pretty Easy run
Actually better than the morning run. Go figure
Monday5Easy with some strides at the end
Tuesday7Easy to start -- picked up the run at the end due to inclement weather
Thursday7Solid run with some speed thrown in
Saturday18Long run
Total miles for the week: 59; YTD: 1846.5

Week's Summary

Well, I have a chance of redeeming my marathon time this fall in about 3 weeks.  For the 8th year in a row, I'll be doing the Las Vegas Marathon.  I am not sure how many people have successfully done the race each year Competitor Group has done the race, but I know for a fact, I've been at all of them so far (and completed the race each time).

With the Tahoe Marathon in the rear view mirror, I wanted to keep my endurance in place.  That means I needed to do a long run but I didn't need to go all out.  So this Saturday I did an 18 mile run -- which went GREAT (as Tony the Tiger would say).

The weather was chilly but not deathly cold and while the Murray Park System (where I live) have shut down their drinking fountains, the cities north of here haven't.  So with 28 ounces of Tailwind and a couple of Gu gels, I managed to stay fairly consistent for my long run (hitting 9:10 - 9:25 minute miles).

What a difference running at 2200 less feet, feeling "on" and running on a flat route makes.

The fall weather makes me just want to run and I did a lot this week.  While I wanted to get in some "speed" workouts, it didn't quite happen.

So without further ado, however, I'll be starting my taper for the Las Vegas Marathon.  I don't want to go into Vegas with dead legs like I did for Tahoe.

Here are some photos from today's long run.  Again, just a stunning day!

Losing Weight Progress

I did make some conscious decisions this week about what I put in my pie hole.  It certainly gave me some pause when I thought about hitting the old feed trough (Golden Corral) and I managed to eat fairly sanely all week.  I have quit drinking soda (not that I had much of a habit) and have been drinking the calorie and sweetner free sparkling water.  Also, instead of grabbing a ton of noodles for my couple of times a week noodle-fest, I used half of what I normall use.

I can't report a loss quite yet.  I am still hovering around 181 - 182 but at least it didn't go up this week.  I keep thinking the less I eat (to a point) the faster my times will be in 2017.

Upcoming Races

10/29: Halloween Harvest Half Marathon - Syracuse, UT (confirmed)
11/13: Las Vegas Marathon - Las Vegas, NV (Confirmed)
11/26: South Davis Recreation Center Thanksgiving Day 5K - Bountiful, UT
04/15: Salt Lake City Marathon - Salt Lake City, UT (Confirmed) (2017)

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Lake Tahoe Trip Recap


If you are a regular reader, you know that after an epic weekend to a marathon destination, I like to write about my experiences: what I ate, what I did, etc.  This is mostly for my purposes -- as a personal journal that I have decided to make public.  Sometimes friends and family like to read it, or maybe you might find some interest in it.

Either way, I write this for strictly for me. So without further ado, here is my trip recap to Lake Tahoe.


I took half a day at work, which was much needed.  I haven't taken much time off this year (believe it or not) and I was in dire need of a break.  

The plan was to break up getting to Lake Tahoe over the course of 2 days.  I had snagged a free room at the Red Lion in Elko, NV and that is about 3.5 hours from our house.  On Saturday we would do the remainder of the 5 hour and change drive to Lake Tahoe.

I rented a Hyundai from the local Enterprise Rent-a-car place.  Unfortunately it didn't have cruise control (I was too cheap for the mid-size car) so I was constantly lead-footing it on the way out there.

The salt flats after some rain

The salt flats after some rain

Just shy of 3 PM we hit the road and made good progress to Elko.  We did stop at the Montego Bay Resort in Wendover.  They had a special where if you merely checked in you would earn a prize.  We weren't expecting much, but I won $15 in free play.  Shari won some tickets to a drawing you had to attend.  We gambled a bit since it was a nice comp multiplier but we had a long weekend to prepare for and we didn't want to blow our budget there.  As usual, when they have a comp multiplier the machines are super tight and I wound up pissing away about $40.

The rest of the drive to Elko was pretty uneventful.  I was pretty hungry so we opted to eat at the Red Lion Buffet.  I held my appetite in check as I know if I eat too much leading up to a marathon, I would wind up feeling bloated.  I still ate pretty well though and the cost was offset by our $6 coupons that Shari and I each were able to use.

We checked into our room and then hit the casino.  I was off to a good start managed to get a red envelope on my favorite slot machine (actually my favorite's new edition).  By the time I had gotten through my free play and a few bucks of my own, I had made up my losses from Wendover and was actually up some.

We then headed across town to the Gold Dust West.  Shari had some birthday free play to go through and I had a bi-weekly free play to use.  As usual, Gold Dust West took my money greedily.  I was up briefly but I was having zero luck there.  I like their casino, but I rarely ever win there.  And before I left I was back down to about even.

I actually wound up sleeping great, which is a surprise.  I had some anxiety about the race and I was kind of stressed with the day's events.


We woke up fairly early and hit the buffet.  It wound up being more economical and we didn't have to wait for service.  I kept the amount of food I ate down to a minimum. I know that sounds anti-buffet, but that's the way I was going to roll.  

We also had our free play recycle at the Red Lion, which Shari and I used.  We wound up winning a few bucks, but nothing too noteworthy.  I should just be 100% loyal to the Red Lion.  They treat me very well and I actually came out a head strictly gambling at their place.

We left just shy of noon and made our way westward.  It was actually a pretty easy drive and I enjoyed seeing the scenery again.  I drove along in silence and I often wondered why lay just beyond the free exits that I was passing by.  I also made mental notes of little villages and cities that I would like to one day explore.

Once we got on the outskirts of Reno, I decided to take a slightly different way into Tahoe.  Normally you take I-80 into Reno and then head south from there.  It is slightly longer distance-wise but faster in terms of speed limits.

Instead, I hooked my way south through Fernley and took the scenic, but shorter route there.  This was a pleasant diversion.  The speed limit was definitely slower, but it was good to see Silver Springs, Stagecoach, Dayton and the outskirts of Carson City.  There were a bunch of casinos that I would've loved to have checked out as well.  I really find a lot of peace in just seeing all the empty space.

We eventually rolled in Tahoe (after almost getting a flat tire in a construction zone).  We were staying at Harvey's Hotel and Casino and Tahoe is pretty easy to navigate.  So we parked, checked in and I headed on over to the marathon expo to pick up my gear.

I wound up gambling some more but really wasn't winning very much.  I figured Tahoe was going to be tight so I wasn't expecting much.  The casinos there all had our favorite games and we found no shortage of games to play.

The "strip" as it were wasn't bustling like Vegas.  It was certainly busy but as the night got cooler, less and less people were out and about.

Banner welcoming runners over the "strip"
We wound up eating at the Harrah's Cafe.  The food was all right and I had some vegetarian pasta thing.  It was just enough food to get me filled up without feeling bloated.

We wound up circling the casino for a bit.  The Harrah's Casino, which I have always had decent luck, had giant-sized Fu Dao Le machines.  I actually won on these things and quickly made up my losses that I had taken earlier in the afternoon.

Feeling lucky, I wound up also putting a small bet on the under on the Bears vs Colts game, which I lost.

I turned in just shy of 10 PM and set my alarm early for the marathon.


I slept like garbage the night before the marathon.  I mean one of the worst nights ever.  Between pre-race anxiety to the fact that there was some sort of damper or "something" was slamming with semi-regularity every few minutes.  I'd just about be back asleep before I'd hear a "slam".  It was too late and too much work to change rooms, but if I got more than 3 hours of solid sleep, I would be surprised.

I assembled my stuff and walked the 10 minutes to the bus pick-up and ran the Lake Tahoe Marathon, which you can read here.

After finishing, despite being exhausted, I was actually feeling pretty good.  The weather had been okay and I wasn't freezing.  I managed to limp back to the hotel (with Shari's help), showered, and we sorted out where we wanted to eat.  I didn't want a buffet and I wanted something quick.  

They had a Straw Hat pizzeria at the Harvey's Casino.  Straw Hat was a chain in southern California and it had been years since I had their delicious pizza.  So we decided to eat there.

It was "Raiders Nation" there and everyone was rooting for them.  I wasn't used to that.  But I remembered I was within close proximity of San Francisco.  The pizza was half way decent and they had unlimited, serve yourself drinks, which I greedily gulped down:

After eating, Shari and I wandered around the California side of Lake Tahoe taking in some of the trinket shops.  This is something she likes to do and since she had pretty much killed the morning off waiting for me, this was her time to try and enjoy the trip.

That was short lived and we wound up gambling a bit, neither winning nor losing much.  After a while we got tired of that and it was getting closer to dinner.  I wasn't terribly hungry yet -- that pizza sat in my gut like a bowling ball.

I wound up hitting the Harvey Pool.  It was pretty chilly for a run, but the sauna was an excellent decision.  It really helped and I certainly felt less sore as a result.

Afterwards we wandered around the town, taking in the nightlife -- or whatever was left of it for a Sunday night.  We had only checked out two of the 4 main casinos so we wandered to the Hard Rock Casino.  I attempted to play Fu Dao Le there and wasn't getting anything (their progressives were much better than Harrah's).

I was almost back to even or maybe down a few bucks at this point before walking over to the Montbleu.  This casino was the most spacious I had ever been in.  Tons of room between aisles of slot machines.  Feeling daring, I popped in a $100 into a slot and bet max with reckless abandon.  I wound up nailing a $140 bonus round, which helped me bring back my bottom line:

After a while, I realized I was starving.  As any runner knows, after running a marathon your appetite is pretty dulled until a few hours later when it roars with reckless abandon.  The buffet was closed (it was getting late) but we found the Hard Rock Restaurant (in Harveys, not Hard Rock Casino -- go figure) was open and eager to serve.  The food was good but pricey -- I had some vegetarian cauliflower veggie burger with fries.  Actually super good.

We pretty much gambled a bit more and we did okay (surprise surprise) before turning in.

Due to the noisy room we had on Saturday night, Harvey's had graciously moved us to the newer section of the hotel.  This room was far more spacious, modern and fresher.  What a difference!  If I was ever to stay there again, I'd pony up the extra bucks to stay on that side versus the older side.  Despite being near the elevator, I wound up sleeping perfectly.


We wound up waking up fairly late in the morning due to both of us being tired.  Shari had a wicked cold and I was just tired from running the marathon.

The first order of business was getting some more cough medicine and finding a place to eat.  I had spotted a line-up of people going into Heidi's Pancake House the day before on my run.  It looked like a quaint, homey, Swedish breakfast place.  Judging by the cars in the parking lot it appeared like they were doing a lot of business.

So we went there.  The service was quick, coffee piping hot and the food -- delicious.  I was definitely in California / Tahoe when the bill came -- $40 for breakfast.  Ouch.  But it was good and kept me filled for most of the day.  The inside was filled with Swedish decor and I wouldn't hesitate in going back.

Heidi's Pancake House

After eating, Shari and I visited Secret Beach and Spooner Lake.  

We had some visions of going into Reno and eating there for the evening.  However, we made it to Carson City and we gambled there for about an hour.  We both lost our shirts there.  I had hoped being at a smaller, independent casino might result in a "luckier" experience, but no dice.  I still like the Fandango Casino but it was a tough day.

I was tired of driving and it was approaching rush hour so we opted out of going into Reno.

I had some time to kill and I wasn't quite hungry for food, so of all things, I decided to go for a run.  I NEVER run the day after a marathon.  But being I was in Lake Tahoe and I had sort of missed the final 3 miles or so of the marathon due to deliriums (I am exaggerating) I decided to go for a run.  I wound up feeling pretty good and probably rocked out 5 miles.  I actually felt BETTER than when I had run the marathon.  Go figure.

We drove back to the hotel and I wound up hitting the Jacuzzi again.   What a nice reward after a tough day.

For dinner, we dined at the Harrah's buffet.  It had gotten mediocre reviews, but it was the only buffet open in town and it was a buffet -- and I had to try it.

I'll agree with the reviews to some extent.  The food was fresh and well prepared, but it wasn't the best buffet -- by any means -- that I've ever been to.  There was an ample selection but not a lot stood out as fantastic (maybe the pizza).  For the price, about $20 each, it wasn't a total ripoff but it won't make my top 10 casino buffet list.


We wound up getting up early -- virtually at the crack of dawn and left Tahoe.  We had toyed around with eating again at Heidi's but we decided to try the Fandango Casino's breakfast.  It was passable and less than $10 a person.  The place was empty -- including the casino -- so we had the place to ourselves.

I don't think we gambled at all and quickly got on the freeway towards Reno.  I was surprised to find rush hour traffic to be not that terrible (it was just shy of 9 AM) and we made excellent time.

We hit Elko about midafternoon.  We had some free play at the Red Lion ($12 each) so we decided it would be worth stopping in and trying our luck and using the rest room.  I wound up hitting another red envelope and cashed another $100.  Definitely worth the stop!

$130 win

I was getting hungry, but we had a 2-for-1 buffet in Wendover.  So we made the 100 minute drive from Elko to Wendover.  The buffet was a ghost town -- and in fact they were changing the carpeting on half the buffet, so it 50% of the seating area was closed.

After eating, we decided to kill some time there waiting for our food to digest.  I played various games and wasn't having much luck.  I did jump on a Wonder Woman game, which usually results in a lot of entertainment but very little in return on your investment -- money-wise.  But this time I hit a nice bonus round on a $1 bet and got the best screen you could possibly get:

$120 win
Shari wound up hitting a nice bonus round too and we definitely came out ahead in Wendover.

The rest of the trip home was pretty uneventful.  While I lost an hour coming from Pacific Time, I still was able to have a good portion of  the day left.  Also, the amount of cash I brought on the trip was roughly the amount I came home with (okay, maybe down a few twenties).  


What a trip.  I got to do so much off my bucket list.  I managed to take down California and experience running on the bike trail along the lake.  I also got to experience "The Strip" of Tahoe and see what it had to offer.

I'd definitely like to go back -- even rent a cottage for a few days and run freely without worrying about a race.  It is just a pretty area and there is a lot of hiking / outdoors things to do.  

Sunday, October 16, 2016

This Week in Running 10/9 - 10/15

Monday's Run along the shores of Lake Tahoe

DayMileage / WorkoutComments
Sunday26.5Tahoe Marathon
Monday5Recovery run along the shores of Lake Tahoe. Just enjoying being outside
TuesdayOffTravel Day
Thursday7Easy with the second half faster
Saturday6Frightmares 10K race
Total miles for the week: 51; YTD: 1787.5

Week's Summary

Believe it or not, this week was primarily about recovery.  The overall volume, doesn't indicate that, however.

On Monday, I felt really good and being that I was in Lake Tahoe and with a bit of time to kill, I opted to go for an easy run along the main drag in town.  I more or less followed the final 2 to 2.5 miles of the marathon that I had just run the previous day.  I was in such a haze during the marathon that I couldn't appreciate what I was running by.  It was actually one of the prettier, enjoyable and memorable runs I've done in a long time.

On the shores of Lake Tahoe

I think park of the reason I was able to run so quickly after finishing a marathon is that I did spend a session or two in the sauna at the hotel.  It really helped me feel less sore.

Tahoe Marathon

The week prior to the Tahoe Marathon I felt extremely flat.  Every -- and I mean every run -- I did during the week felt like I was dragging an anchor behind me.  

I go through phases where I am not feeling awesome and I figured that once the race started I would get back into the groove.  But it didn't happen.  

I am not sure what the cause of this was: over training? not enough food?  Wrong kind of food? Nerves? 

The magic didn't happen and once again, despite some diligent training, the marathon didn't go as planned.  I still have one more shot at redemption this year: the Las Vegas Marathon.  So I am hoping to bear down on that and succeed with that one.

Weight Matters

One of the reasons why I think I am slowing down (sometimes a great deal) is that I've put on a bit of weight over the years.  4 years ago when I moved to Utah I was about 167 pounds and running pretty well.  These days I am pushing 182 and all of it is pure body fat.

It isn't so much as what I am eating -- it is how much.  I've got the physical activity down pat and I know what is good for me (and what isn't).  But over eating seems to be my primary nemesis.  Running makes me hungry and when I get to that "point" I look for a buffet instead of something sensible.

I don't believe in starvation or self-sacrifice.  I workout hard and I like to indulge but I think I have taken it a step too far.  

Recently I have ditched diet soda and I have cut way back on sugary soda.  I still have a candy / cookie addiction.  But my biggest problem is that I know the name and location of every buffet in a 200 mile radius and generally on a first-name basis at most of them.  That's not good.

Hopefully "This Week in Running" will also keep you updated with my attempt at weight loss.  

Upcoming Races

10/29: Halloween Harvest Half Marathon - Syracuse, UT (confirmed)
11/13: Las Vegas Marathon - Las Vegas, NV (Confirmed)
11/26: South Davis Recreation Center Thanksgiving Day 5K - Bountiful, UT
04/15: Salt Lake City Marathon - Salt Lake City, UT (Confirmed) (2017)

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Frightmares Lagoon 10K - Farmington UT Race Recap

Official Time: 51:42
Placement: Soon
Results: Soon
Race WebsiteHere
Weather: 50's with no wind
Garmin Dump: Here

Mile  Time Comments
1 8:29 Off to a conservative start
2 9:57 Hammered by hills here.  Good 175 feet of climbing
3 8:36 Get some return hills here. Fast mile
4 8:41 Headed into the park.  Flat though 
5 9:18
5.73 6:39
Total Miles: 5.73 -  51:42


Last spring I ran the Lagoon Half Marathon and ran extremely well.  Since then, I have kept my eye out for a second annual race but was sort of shocked to not see it on the race agenda.  I talked to the race director and he said he was holding it off until the fall (there was a 2015 fall edition last year but it was lightly attended and consequently canceled).

So this week, I decided to step up and run the 10K version.  I signed up at the last minute and figured that my marathon weary legs would be able to at least get me through a 10K.

The whole concept of this race is that you do a a few miles of whatever distance you are doing (5K / 10K or half marathon) outside northern Utah's premiere amusement park and then do the final 2 miles in the park.  The amusement is decked out in Halloween stuff so it adds a bit of season interest to the race.  Right now the race calendar is packed with Halloween-themed races, but having this one run in the amusement park makes it a big draw.

The Race 

I woke up at about 5:30 and discovered I had a cold.  Not a raging cold by any means, but a cold none the less.  I was up off and on throughout the night clearing my throat and worrying if I was getting a temperature.  Shari has a cold and I suspect I have caught a tiny bit of it.

Feeling tired from last weekend's marathon plus this cold didn't bode well for a race, but I had paid for it, and even if I had to walk through it I was going to do it (wasn't going to throw away nearly $45).

So I ate a Powerbar for breakfast, grabbed my supplies and made the 30 minute drive to Farmington, Utah - a straight shot up I-15.

I arrived nearly an hour before the race and was greeted with a LONG line to get one's bib.  And it was crawling at a snail's pace.  Luckily for me, the 10K was the last race to start.  But suffice to say I had to wait in 2 lines -- one to get my bib # since I was a late registrar and another line just to get my bib.  If I was running the half, I would've missed the start.

The race started on time and my goal was just to go out fairly easy.  The first mile is through the amusement park's parking lot.  Less than a half mile later, you are dropped onto a bike trail that wraps around the backside of the park.  At this time of year, it is absolutely stunning with the fall colors.

The race was lightly attended (probably less than a hundred for the 10K) so I was able to get off to a good start.

I ran the first mile right on target -- 8:30.  It felt a little fast but it was a pace I felt I could hold on a good day.  The course was flat at this point and I could feel a little tightness in my chest and fatigue in my legs.

Mile 2, the "fun" starts.  The race is progressively uphill.  I had studied the course beforehand and knew they were coming but it is always tough dealing with them.  Everyone's pace dropped dramatically.

Looking at the race director's course map and where I turned around on my Garmin, I can see why the course was short.  I think we were supposed to run about another .25 of a mile down the road.  But they had the turn around sign at the 2 mile mark.

Mile 3 was fun.  I was able to run downhill all the hills I had just run up!  I was able to find a bit of a second gear, although I was clearly hurting.  Note to self: running a fast 10K after a brutal marathon 6 days prior is probably not a good idea.

Mile 4 brought me back to the amusement park's entrance.  I was a little worried at this point because I remember last year that it was a bit hazy as to where to run in the park.  Some of the volunteers seemed a little put off or confused as to where to run.

Luckily I had a woman who I was slowing making ground on in front of me.  The course was well marked this time and there was only a section or two where I wasn't quite sure where to go.

It was hard to maintain any sort of pace here.  The pavement was a little uneven and there was a lot of turns.  I was so confused as to where I was in regards to the park's entrance.

The place was beautiful though.  The trees were largely yellow and a lot of the decor was Halloween themed.  There also was the occasional dry ice spot too.

I was pretty fatigued by mile 5 and luckily no was pursuing me.  From what I could tell, I was going to finish in the top 15 or so and I hadn't seen too many guys my age.  I was thrilled to cross the finish line and my time wasn't too unexpected given the way I felt.


I grabbed some water and chatted up a few people before heading to my car.  I was pretty cold and I needed to warm up.  I changed shirts and headed back to the race start in hopes that the awards would start.

They did the 5K awards fairly quickly but the 10K had to wait for a Halloween costume contest.  Finally, the 10K times were messed up.  They had clocked me at 37:15, which is about the time I probably went through the 4 mile mark (the 4 mile marker is back near the start of the race).  So after an agonizing 90 minutes from the time I finished, I managed to snag first in my age group (believe me, I was tempted to leave).  Luckily I was recording my time on my Garmin as it sort of became "I trust you" in correcting my time.

I paid about $45 for the race, which isn't too bad considering I was last minute.  They had fruit, peanut butter sandwiches, Powerade, water and Fat Boy ice cream sandwiches.  

I didn't know anyone there so it was kind of a lonely experience, but generally speaking, runners are a social group and it wasn't too hard to strike up a conversation.

My time, was a bit disappointing, but given the nature of the course and the fact that I was coming in fairly tired (and sick), wasn't unexpected.  Also, the final 2 miles was hard to generate any speed.  You had to constantly be on your toes as far as where to turn and when -- and you were turning or rounding a corner every minute.

I like the shirt and it was super cool to get a finisher's medal.  I wasn't expecting a heavy-duty finisher's medal for a 10K.  

First in age group on the left, finisher's award on right.